Money Back Guarantee


4-day Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Boot Camp with 100% Money back guarantee

Standard Terms & Conditions

  • 4-day PMP ®  Boot Camp comes with 100% money back guarantee. Incase you do not clear the PMP ®  exam even on the 2 nd attempt ; we pay for your re-examination**.

  • To ensure 100% success or money back, the participant needs to take PMP ®  exam within a maximum of 30 days duration from the classroom training completion date**.

  • If the participant does not clear the PMP ®  exam in the 2nd attempt; you get reimbursement for your PMP ®  re-examination fees. Participants need to take the re-exam within 30 days from the result date of the 2nd attempt**.

  • If the participant does not clear the PMP ®  exam in the 3rd attempt as well (maximum number of attempts permissible by PMI in a year); you get refund of the balance of enrolment fees paid by you at time of enrolling for the PMP ®  Boot Camp**.

  • The participants need to provide their PMP ®  exam scoreboards in order to get the reimbursement for course fee**.

  • The participants are required to pay the PMP ®  re-examination fees directly to the PMI. We will be reimbursing the fees subsequently**.
PMP® Exam Attempts – Maximum 3 in a year
Attempt Timeframe Result Money back
1st 1-month from course completion Not Cleared $275 Re-Exam Fees
2nd 1-month from the 1st attempt Not Cleared $275 Re-Exam Fees
3rd 1-month from the 2nd attempt Not Cleared Refund balance of enrolment fees

Money Back Guarantee: Reimbursement Process

  • The participants are required to pay e-mail scanned copies of their PMP ®  scorecards of each attempt to info@ com along with the PMP ®  Boot Camp location and date.

  • We will reimburse the amount payable within 30 days of us receiving all the documents from you.

  • The mode of reimbursement will be same as the mode of payment used during enrolment fees. For example: If a participant has paid through PayPal, we will reimburse through PayPal only

  • Money back guarantee is applicable only for company 4-day PMP ®  Boot Camp and not for online PMP ®  training and 2-day PMP ®  Speed Prep courses.

When Money Back Guarantee is void?

  • Participants not taking the PMP ®  examination within 30 days of the classroom training completion date.

  • Participants not taking the re-exam within 30 days of the previous attempt result date.

  • Participants not maintaining 100% attendance in the 4-day PMP ®  Boot Camp.

  • Participants not going through the e-learning content. 8 hours of online study is required for you to familiarize yourself with the PMP ®  course.

  • Failing to score at least 80% in online PMP ®  simulation tests at Excelsior Certification.

  • Participants not following the instructions and completing the exercises given in the 4-day PMP ®  Boot Camp.

  • Participants not submitting the required documents to company.

  • The amount reimbursed towards the re-examination fee for each attempt based on mode of taking exam and PMI membership. The PMP ®  examination fee will not be reimbursed.

**Participants are required to pass in exam simulators with a score of more than 80% to claim re-examination fee.