COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Training

COBIT 5 ® 2019 is a framework designed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) for IT governance and compliance management.

Key Features

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Online – Classroom Bootcamp


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COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is a framework designed by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) to help businesses apply IT governance and management. The Course designing to fill the gap between control requirements, business risks and technical issues.
This training helps the organizations to maintain a balance between risk optimizations, resource usage and benefits realizations. It is a great tool for managers, IT professionals, and business executives to ensure and control the quality and reliability of information systems in the organization.
  • Stick to industry regulations and laws.
  • Achieve business goals effectively.
  • Manage risks and security.
  • Realize the value of IT investment.
  • Ensure operational excellence by using technologies.
  • Improve and maintain high-quality information to support business decisions.
  • Keep IT up to date and capable to support major changes.

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Course Overview

This COBIT 5® 2019 Foundation course is designed for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of the governance and management of enterprise IT. This certification comes with all the principles that form the basis of the COBIT business framework. Real-life scenarios and quizzes complement this COBIT training course.


At the end of this course, you will:

  • With this certification, you clearly indicate to prospective employers that you are ready for a career in IT Security and Governance. COBIT 5, in general, is guidance on next-gen enterprise governance and management of IT.
  • Today, employers while hiring IT Governance professionals with globally-recognized credentials on their resumes, and COBIT 5 Implementation is one such credential that gives you an edge in today’s job market and helps you to expand the scope of your IT Governance career.

Course Agenda

1. Introduction to COBIT 2019

  • Benefits of Enterprise Governance of IT
  • Attributes and benefits of COBIT 2019
  • Overview of the COBIT core and the updated COBIT 2019 product family
  • Major differences between COBIT 5 and COBIT 2019

2. COBIT Principles and Concepts

  • Six principles for a governance system
  • Three principles of a governance framework

3.  Governance System and Components

  • Governance and management objectives
  • Components of a governance system and the key differences (formerly enablers)
  • Processes, Organisational structures
  • Principles / Policies / Frameworks
  • Information
  • Culture / Ethics / Behaviour
  • People / Skills / Competencies
  • Services / Infrastructure / Applications
  • Focus areas that describe governance topics
  • Small / medium sized businesses
  • Cybersecurityo Risks
  • DevOps
  • Design factors
  • Enterprise strategy
  • Enterprise goals
  • Risk profile
  • Enterprise size
  • Threat landscape
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Role of IT
  • Sourcing model for IT
  • IT implementation methods
  • Technology adoption strategy
  • COBIT goals cascade that supports the prioritisation of management objectives based on enterprise goals 

4. Governance and Management Objectives

  • Overview of the COBIT core model and the 40 governance and management objectives
  • Purpose statements
  • Description of the governance components
  • Practices, related metrics and activities
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Practice capability levels

5. Performance management in COBIT

  • How the governance and management system and all the components of an enterprise work
  • Managing performance of processes – the capability levels (0-5) to measure how well a process is implemented and performing
  • Performance management guidance for assessing other governance system components – organisational structures, information items, culture and behaviour aspects

6. Designing a Tailored Governance System

  • The need for tailoring
  • Impact of design factors
  • Designing a tailored governance system


7.  The COBIT Business Case

  • Making a case for getting started
  • Overview of the COBIT business case
  • Business case components

8. Implementing Enterprise Governance over IT

  • The implementation roadmap
  • Implementation phases
  • Design guide and Implementation Guide relationships

9.  Preparation for the COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam

  • Tips and tricks
  • Review sample questions 

10. Summary and Conclusion


There are no mandatory prerequisites to attend the training or COBIT 5 exam.

About the exam

Once you complete the training, participant can schedule their COBIT 5 Foundation Exam by using the voucher .The exam is conducted by ISACA, and the certification is maintained by them. The exam is a closed book and has a rigorous assessment process.

Examination Format:

Questions: 75
Duration: 120 Min
Pass Score: >65 percentile
Exam Type: Objective type, multiple choice questions

You will receive COBIT 5 Foundation results immediately.
The COBIT 5 certification voucher will be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance
Yes. The COBIT 5 certification exam fee is included in the COBIT 5 course fee.
The COBIT 5 Foundation certificate does not expire.
If you fail the COBIT 5, you are eligible to retake it by scheduling another appointment.



There are no mandatory prerequisites to attend the training or COBIT 5 exam.
Yes. The COBIT 5 certification exam fee is included in the COBIT 5 course fee.
We hold a passing rate of 98.6% on the first attempt.
The classroom (physical or virtual) training for the COBIT 5 Foundation certificate exam lasts for two days (minimum of 16 contact hours).

The COBIT 5 Certification Scheme comprises of the following levels:

  • COBIT 5 Foundation
  • COBIT 5 Implementation
  • COBIT 5 Assessor
Usually, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the certificate from the date of passing the exam.
The COBIT 5 certificate does not expire.